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Virgin Islands, Mauritius, Cyprus. The 3 superpowers raiding China, India & Russia

12 Dicembre Dic 2014 1323 12 dicembre 2014
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Nothing is like it seems. We live in a virtual world where mainstream medias are like donkeys. They "carry" the news that owners and big sponsors decide to "push" i.e. corporations and governments. Web is far from being the solution. Easy online access to news may help. Not just to inform people though. Ask yourself why today communication managers have salaries much higher than investigative reporters. Because miss-leading information are paid much better than checked ones. Virtual world and the algorithms behind the structure of the Internet are often used to confuse rather than inform people in today's world. Still so information is a key, the one tool with a real cutting edge. And the reason is simple. Had facts publishing based on their real "value", most of the people would change their mind on many issues. Let's look at taxes for instance.

Do your politicians speak a lot about taxes? Of course they do. And discussions on taxes are one of the trickiest and easiest way to mislead citizenship. Politicians usually mislead people in a very simple way. It changes just the method according to their "ideas". Left-wingers make believe to their potential voters that income taxes will have to raise and the size of Gov't to increase if they want better/more public services . Right-wingers makes believe the opposite. Centrists confuse even more the issue, taking positions that are a shifting mix. But no one focus on the real issue, the true argument that matters.

Which one?

Multinationals tax dodging.

In today world corporations have found their way to dodge taxes. Just focus. If you live in the US did you know that in the last years you paid almost surely more (income) taxes than Apple did? Similar cases involved many other big corporations all over the world.

How the hell do they do?

They transfer their legal and fiscal addressees into tax heavens. Is it legal? Yes, it is. Why? Because the decision makers in Governments and IO, both left and right, are doing nothing to avoid it. How came that people didn't protest and ask for action? Because most of them simply do not know it.

Tax dodging by Google, Facebook and hundreds of other big corporations - the list is too long to post it here - should be every day headline of newspapers and TV all news channels. It is not.

How many articles have you read that the independent country (i.e. Hong Kong unconsidered) investing more in China is British Virgin Island, with 14% of total inward Foreign Direct Investments for Beijing? United States, the second one, is 10 points behind, and stand for just the 4%.

A 2013 OECD investigation said it, not me. But no one gave a dam.

In the same unnoticed report it was also revealed that Mauritius was by far the country with more investments in India, with a 24% of total FDI.

And who knows that 28% of FDI in Russia is coming from Cyprus, a member of that EU now imposing sanctions against Moscow?

A joke? No, it isn't.

When Jim O'Neil created the acronym BRIC, he didn't notice that today real superpowers are Virgin Islands, Mauritius and Cyprus, we will call them VIMC.

VIMC is the future!