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Sede di lavoro: ESTERO - Malta

25 Agosto Ago 2020 1057 one month ago 24 Ottobre Ott 2020 1057 25 days from now

The Photographer/Videographer will be expected to attend field visits or project visits with the MOAS operational team to document the activities and interview participants and staff. In addition to content collection the person will also have access to the MOAS archive of historical footage which can be used to illustrate pieces or provide background as needed. In the case of overseas projects the Photographer/Videographer must assist the communications team to communicate needs to in-country representatives collecting materials and archive/edit said materials.
They will also be responsible for editing such footage, together with MOAS’ archive footage, to produce short videos and edited photo-stories to promote MOAS’ work.

Location: Malta

Timeframe: Consultancy on project basis

Remuneration: Remuneration commensurate on experience and depending on demands of project

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