29 gennaio 2015


50 bloggers tell the story behind the G20 closed doors

di Olivia McConhay

Oxfam UK's initiative to assemble the 50 top worldwide activist bloggers in London to give an alternative reporting on the G20 summit.

As world leaders congregate in London in occasion of the long awaited G20 summit to address the global financial crisis, 50 bloggers from around the world will be watching and reporting with interest every (mis)step of the way.

G20Voice is an Oxfam GB initiative tying itself in with the White Band Action.  Partners include Save The Children, One, Moblog, Blue State Digital, Global Voices and Spinvox.

The idea was to select 50 blogger-activists from around the world and bring them together around the G20 summit to give their own individual, citizen orientated points of view on proceedings.  The bloggers have been given the same types of accreditation as "traditional journalists", but are expected to pick up on the smaller stories and give an alternative aspect from mainstream media.

Humorous comment and critique are the order of the day.

"It may look like a slightly dull wedding reception...but actually it's a seething and vibrant hotbed of ideas and debate", writes Adrian Lovett of Save the Children under a photo of the G20Voice blogging 50 united in London.

Bloggers will cover the G20 in many different ways and languages, with Rui Chenggang of China promising a high brow account of events, and Dutch Carole Edrich a photo-blogger, who has just uploaded her first G20 video onto YouTube, promising a more alternative one.

Take your pick and find out more: