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"People from different countries can teach you many things"

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AIESEC's education internship: read Lisa’s story

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AIESEC's education internship: read Lisa’s story

Lisa Pertot is 20 and lives in Trieste, Italy. She is a university student and she is also part of AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run organization. Since its foundation in 1948 AIESEC has been focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, operating in favor of international mobility with the aim of bringing peace and favoring the full development of human potential.
-What are you studying? Which university are you attending?
I am attending the second year of International and Diplomatic Sciences at the Università degli Studi of Trieste.
-What kind of internship did you choose and why?
I chose an internship related to education in schools because I am very interested in teaching to chidren (I've already taught dance to children in my city) and I wanted to increase my soft skills.
-Which country and which city did you go to?
I went to Russia and I stayed in Omsk, an important city of Siberia.
- How long did your internship last?
6 weeks.
-What was your internship about exactly?
I had to expose some presentations about my country (about Italy's customs, art, school system, etc..) in a Russian high school. I taught children from 12-13 to 17 years old. My lessons took place during English classes, so I had to talk only in English.
- Five things you learnt during the internship?
1.Every person from a different country than yours can teach you many things
2.Every country has its own culture and all of these cultures are as respectable as the others
3.Friendship can go beyond borders, different believes, customs...
4.If you are open minded and able to accept any kind of inconvenient, you won't have problems
5.There are many beautiful places, countries, cities to live and visit...but no one will never be as special as your home.
-Why did you choose to go to that country in particular?
To visit this country, where I had never been before, and to improve my English skills.
-What was the best moment of your experience?
Actually, there are so many beautiful moments that making a choice is impossible! If I had to, they would be the time spent with my friends.
-Would you change your experience in any way?
No, I wouldn't.
-Any suggestions for students who are about to leave on an AIESEC internship?
Don't have any kind of expectations. It's pretty impossible to foresee what could happen in a situation like this, and the best moments will be the most unexpected.