5 health apps to bring your doctor closer

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We have chosen 5 apps which will help your health, bringing your doctor a bit closer

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We have chosen 5 apps which will help your health, bringing your doctor a bit closer

The doctor /patient relationship is the one relationship that could really save your life but how often do you get the chance to pay a visit to your family doctor and get a full body check up? In our busy every-day life it is hard to make time for ourselves, this is where technology comes in. Since we spend most of our day facing a screen, be it a computer or a mobile phone, it would be awesome to have your doctor just one click away and matter of factly most some internet startups are trying to give an answer to this very common need. We have chosen 5 web apps which will help you get a doctor’s support wherever you are and any time you need it.
Founded in 2007, the Spanish based startup Doctoralia aims at becoming the world’s leading destination for finding and booking healthcare professionals and centers. With 8 million users per month, the service is now available in 20 countries and allows people not only to book appointments online, but also to rate the assistance you’ve received and read other patients’ opinions.
Yes, it would be great to have your doctor with you when you don’t feel well, but how awesome would it be to have your kids’ pediatrician right there when they feel sick in the middle of the night, maybe while the whole family is on vacation? Pingmd is tying to offer this exact service. Last year the New York-based startup raised 1.33 million dollars in funding and is now ready to launch the app which will connect parents with pediatricians. The app is designed to let doctors ask parents targeted questions about the child’s health, allowing the power to fill the doctor in with the help of photos and videos. The app will launch on May 8.
Designed by a couple of ER doctors, I-Triage is a free mobile app which helps you answer the most common medical questions: “What could be wrong?” and “Where can I go?”. Beside learning about possible causes of a specific symptom, the app helps you locate the nearby hospitals, urgent care centers, pharmacies and physicians. The app medical content is created by physicians and reviewed by Harvard Medical School.
Similar to I-Triage, WebMD gives you access to First Aid information, providing a symptom checker as well as a database of the first aid essentials, a guide to the most common medical emergencies and a pill identification tool which helps you identify your prescription drugs by pill shape, color and imprint.
A social network entirely dedicated to the doctor/patient relationship. The HealthTap app connects doctors with patients, providing peer-reviewed health information from 36 thousand US doctors.