Learning about social economy at school

19 Giugno Giu 2013 1944 19 giugno 2013

A new agreement has been signed in France to develop education on this “other economy”

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Economie Sociale
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A new agreement has been signed in France to develop education on this “other economy”

Social economy will be introduced in the school curriculum in France. Benoît Hamon, Minister responsible for the sector, and Vincent Peillon, Minister for National Education, have signed an agreement aimed at developing education on social economy.
The agreement has a duration of five years and explains in detail the basis of a new cooperation between the educational community and the structures of social economy.
The news has been published on the online website of French newspaper La Croix, that reports the comment of Minister Benoît Hamon in his speech at the signing: «It’s not about teaching a new subject but more simply to practically help teachers find the resources and the pedagogical tools necessary to better teach this part of French economy»
Up until now only the “classic” economic model (multinational corporations, limited liability companies..) has been taught at school in France. The aim of this initiative is to teach students about different economic models and structures, those of the social economy, such as associations, cooperatives and foundations. This sector is far from being unimportant in France : it produces in whole 10% of the national wealth and employs 10% of French workers.
«The content of the agreement doesn’t aim to state that those enterprises are better or worse than the others but that they simply exist and that this economic reality deserves first to be known and then to be explained», says Benoît Hamon.
The agreement explains in detail a series of possible initiatives, including the “Social Economy Week at school”, as well as the “development of public projects for the acquisition of civic skills” and “a project for introducing young people to key organizations”.