September 2013

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A Vita Europe selection of civil society events around Europe

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A Vita Europe selection of civil society events around Europe

Listed events (for further descriptions of events and links scroll down):
2-4 September 2013, Oxford, UK, International Social Innovation Research Conference 2013
3-6 September 2013, San Francisco, California, SOCAP13
4 September 2013, Glasgow, Scotland, Scotland’s annual social enterprise conference
5 September 2013, London, UK, Introduction to social investment
6 September 2013, Manchester, Introduction to Social Value
10 September 2013, London, UK, SROI Practitioner Training-2 day Course
9 September 2013, London, UK, Careers in social enterprise, CSR and not-for-profits with On Purpose
11 September 2013 London, UK, Dream. Act. Inspire! Connecting people with purpose
12 September 2013, London, UK, Women CEO’s Summit 2013: Women Leading the Future
12 September 2013, Lasne, Belgium, Happiness (inside me)
12-13 September 2013, Riva del Garda, Workshop on Social Enterprise
13 September 2013, London, UK, International Youth Job Creation Summit
17-19 September 2013, Paris, France, Convergences World Forum
19 September 2013, Madrid, Spain, Effective Collaboration in Non Profit Organizations
20 September 2013, London, UK, Hub Crawl! The Social Innovation Adventure
20 September 2013, London, UK, Unlocking social finance
24 Septembers 2013, London, UK, Social Value Conference: Bristol
26 September 2013, North West England, UK, International Competition Social Innovation in the English National Health Service (NHS) - A chance to win £1000
26-29 September 2013, Ausburg, Germany, RENEXPO
30 September-5 October 2013, Florence, Italy, European Project Planning course
2-4 September 2013, Oxford, UK
International Social Innovation Research Conference 2013
The 5th International Social Innovation Research Conference (ISIRC) is an open conference that brings together scholars from around the globe to discuss the role of innovation in social businesses, social movements, not-for-profits, state actors, and the broader social economy.
During the conference, that will take place at the Sa?d Business School of the University of Oxford, participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions on the following themes: Social investment and financial innovation; Social impact and performance measurement; Creating shared value and corporate social innovation; Hybridity and organisational innovation; Public sector innovation; Governance and stakeholder relationships; Policy and politics; Critical perspectives on social innovation.
3-6 September 2013, San Francisco, California
SOCAP is a world-renowned conference series dedicated to increasing the flow of capital toward social good. SOCAP connects leading global innovators, investors, foundations, institutions, and social entrepreneurs to build this market at the intersection of money and meaning. SOCAP is the world’s most successful social enterprise and impact investing event, and has convened more than 5,000 people since it began in 2008. SOCAP operates out of HUB Bay Area, a co-working space and change maker community based in the San Francisco Bay Area. SOCAP13 is anticipated to welcome more than 1800 participants under the banner of Accelerating the Good Economy. SOCAP is gathering all types of doers and thinkers – this year even faith leaders – to take real and actionable measures on problems that need our attention right now as we progress steadily toward a better world.
4 September 2013, Glasgow, Scotland
Scotland’s annual social enterprise conference
Scotland’s annual social enterprise conference, organized by CEiS and partners, will address the current issues concerning social enterprise policy and practice. Delegates can expect an exciting range of topics, high profile speakers, workshops and plenaries designed to keep participants feeling inspired, challenged and directly engaged in social enterprise. This is an exciting opportunity to have your say, share your expertise and debate some of the hottest topics in the sector as well as allowing time to network with contacts old and new.
5 September 2013, London, UK
Introduction to social investment
Social investment could be a valuable source of funding for charities. NPC’s half-day training workshop explains the basics of social investment for charities, considers its opportunities and risks, and helps participants think about whether it might be right for them.
6 September 2013, Manchester
Introduction to Social Value
This one day event is organized by The SROI Network and Social Enterprise UK as an introduction to social value.
The SROI Network is a membership organisations owned by its members. SROI is a frame-work based on social generally accepted accounting principles (SGAAP) that can be used to help manage and understand the social, economic and environmental outcomes created by your activity or organisation.
Social Enterprise UK is the national body for social enterprise and its members include social enterprises, charities, public sector bodies and private businesses. They are strategic partners to six government departments and led on the award-winning campaign for the passage of the Public Services (Social Value) Act.
10 September 2013, London, UK
SROI Practitioner Training-2 day Course
The SROI Network training course has been accredited by the Institute of Leadership Management. It, like other courses that contribute to the accredited practitioner status, is delivered by accredited practitioners that are also experienced trainers.
Training will be delivered by SROI Network accredited practitioners.
DAY 1 - How to do a SROI analysis
Day one is a practical, step-by-step introduction to the SROI process. It will begin with some theory but the process is best learnt by trying it, so candidates will learn how to develop an impact map – the heart of the SROI process – and explore appropriate real life examples.
DAY 2 - SROI Practitioner Training
Day two covers, in more depth, issues that practitioners will need to demonstrate an understanding of if they wish to become accredited.
Although designed with the assurance process in mind, this course is suitable for anyone wanting more than just an introduction to SROI. Current issues will be discussed, best practice and techniques shared and lots of examples explored.
9 September 2013, London, UK
Careers in social enterprise, CSR and not-for-profits with On Purpose
This event is organized by Escape the City, together with On Purpose. 5 reasons to come along: You want to get into social enterprise, sustainability or CSR but fear that means waving goodbye to any training and development opportunities you currently have; You've been trying to find a route into jobs in social enterprise, sustainability or CSR and have been getting frustrated with the lack of meaningful job opportunities; You're interested in social enterprise, sustainability or CSR but are not sure which bit is most interesting and you'd like to try a few things out first; You'd love to meet some people who have and are making career changes, and get a flavour of the On Purpose community; You'd love to have an opportunity to ask those difficult questions that are on your mind, but you don't know who to ask about
11 September 2013, London, UK
Dream. Act. Inspire! Connecting people with purpose
UnLtd is organizing an evening of stories from individuals who are all creating change through either running or supporting good business. Social entrepreneurs and business mentors will share their (on-going!) journeys towards meaningful work and living. The speakers will share why they do, what they do, how they got into it and why despite inevitable challenges along the way, they love it.
This event is both for who already runs a social venture and is looking for likeminded people to add to their network, and for those who have a desire for social change and want to contribute by sharing their skills and resources with someone on this path. It is also for someone who is maybe new to all this but has an idea brewing for a brand new social venture, and is looking for inspiration, support and courage to step into it.
12 September 2013, London, UK
Women CEO’s Summit 2013: Women Leading the Future
Following on from their successful inaugural event last year, ACEVO is pleased to announce that on Thursday 12 September 2013 they will be running their second Women CEO's Summit. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss sector transition for senior women leaders, to discuss the obvious and alarming gap of women CEOs in the FTSE 100 and explore the promises of gender equality. The day will be chaired by Bridget Warr, CEO of UKHCA.
The following topics will be covered: Gender pay gap; Gender equality and Women future leaders.
12 September 2013, Lasne, Belgium
Happiness (inside me)
This evening is dedicated to the sharing of the most recent knowledge on what makes people happier. Many psychologists and neuroscientists have been studying the happiest people in the world for 30 years . How do they live? What do they believe in? How do they manage their emotions? What are their habits? Do they have friends, family? Are they rich? Are they in good health? The objective: to define the ideal way of functioning of the human being!
12-13 September 2013, Riva del Garda, Italy
Workshop on Social Enterprise
Iris Network is organizing the Workshop on Social Enterprise (WIS 2013)- one of the most important and prestigious workshop on social enterprise in Italy. Born inside the scientific community, WIS immediately became the opportunity for discussion on a larger scale. Over four hundred attendees on the last editions were not only researchers and students, but mainly operators and managers of social enterprises, representatives of third sector and public administration, representatives of for profit enterprises and credit organizations. With the 2007 edition the Workshop has become an event that promotes the exchange between researchers and social entrepreneurs, identifying Innovation as the main theme and the discussion of best practices as methodology. The event will be held, as usual, in Riva del Garda (Trento-Italy) on 12-13 September 2013 and the spotlight of the eleventh edition is on “The value of relationships. Engage to innovate”.
13 September 2013, London, UK
International Youth Job Creation Summit
The International Youth Job Creation Summit is an urgent response to the global crisis of youth unemployment. Hosted at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills on Friday 13th of September, this one-day event explores how job opportunities can be created for a billion young people entering the global workplace over the next decade. Organised by Peace Child International in partnership with Multiple Learning Solutions and in association with InspirEngage International, this Summit will showcase innovative job creation initiatives around the world; share best practice in delivering employability skills training and develop cost effective job policy measures.
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17-19 September 2013, Paris, France
Convergences World Forum
At the international level, Convergences World Forum, this year at its 6th edition, is a major event on the challenges of co-construction of a sustainable and fair society.
The Convergences World Forum will offer a unique opportunity to create innovative convergences and partnerships between all public, private and solidarity-based actors involved in reducing poverty and inequalities in developed and developing countries.
19 September 2013, Madrid, Spain
Effective Collaboration in Non Profit Organizations
On 19th September in Madrid, the ESADE-PwC Social Leadership Programme will be presenting its latest publication, La colaboración efectiva en las ONG: Alianzas estratégicas y redes ("Effective collaboration in non-profit organisations: strategic alliances and networks"). Based on research carried out by the Social Leadership Programme during the 2012-2013 academic year, the study analyses collaborations in NGOs through the lens of factors such as type of organisation, objectives and formalisation of objectives.
Previous studies have shown that non-profit organisations have a natural tendency towards collaboration. This new study takes a closer look at what collaborations in NGOs are like and examines the extent to which such arrangements are strategic and effective for the participating institutions.
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20 September 2013, London, UK
Hub Crawl! The Social Innovation Adventure
The Hub Crawl is a 4 hour guided journey around all three Hubs in London. It is an opportunity to learn about social enterprise and coworking, to connect with interesting, like minded individuals, and to enjoy a fun night of adventure around London!
20 September 2013, London, UK
Unlocking social finance
The social enterprise sector is buzzing with new financial terms: ‘social investment’ ‘social impact bonds’ and ‘investment readiness’. But what do these terms actually mean, and how can a social entrepreneur access these new forms of income?
This one-day workshop, organized by the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), is aimed at demystifying the social finance world. Throughout the day, case studies from both investors and investees will be used to demonstrate: The spectrum of available to social organisations and where new forms of finance fit in to this; Different forms of social finance that are available and who they’re available from; The pros and cons / risks and rewards of the different forms of social finance available; What investors are looking for and what they are willing to invest in.
24 Septembers 2013, London, UK
Social Value Conference: Bristol
The event is designed to improve understanding of the Social Value Act within the social enterprise sector and local government, and help in these fields get to grips with demonstrating, commissioning and measuring social value.
Delegates will hear from civil servants, commissioners, social enterprise and public sector leaders and support bodies, who will offer valuable insights into best practice when it comes to selling and commissioning social value.
26 September 2013, North West England, UK
International Competition Social Innovation in the English National Health Service (NHS) - A chance to win £1000
Health and social care leaders in North West England have launched a local and international search for bright ideas to solve some difficult problems. Three big problems in the NHS in the North West will be tackled in Salford, Knowsley and Wirral. Unlimited Potential, a social enterprise based in the City of Salford is organising three separate competitions in each of these towns and cities, hosted by the North West Social Value Foundation. Thought to be the first of its kind in the NHS, the competition is not only open to local residents and communities, but also to people from every walk of life such as artists, technologists, scientists, engineers, academics students or business people from across the World. For each of the 3 problems posed, there are cash prizes of £1000 available for the best nine ideas. This means that overall there are 27 chances to win £1000. But it is also an opportunity for anyone with a passion for improving people’s lives to see their idea potentially taken up and implemented.
26-29 September 2013, Ausburg, Germany
The focus at RENEXPO® will be set on renewable generation, smart distribution and efficient use of energy; in short: on sustainable energy systems. Key aspects this year are Combined Heat and Power, Wood Energy, Wind Energy, EnergyPlus Buildings, Resource Efficiency and Acceptability & Project Management. In short RENEXPO® covers the entire spectrum of renewable energy generation, intelligent energy distribution and efficient use of energy. It is a meeting place for decision makers and presents energy supply and energy use of today and tomorrow. At RENEXPO® 2013, 350 exhibitors on 19,500 sqm will be showcasing innovative products and solutions for highly complex tasks addressing energy transition. Internationally, RENEXPO® also is quite successful: 14 % of exhibitors from 12 countries in 2011 show international interest in the German energy platform. This year's partner country is Austria. The 3-day-RENEXPO® guiding Conference with about 200 speakers, some 20 separate events and 1,500 participants will be providing trend-setting ideas, demonstrating potential risks and opportunities of energy transition and offering solution-oriented applicable knowledge.
30 September 2013, Copenhagen
Miniconference in Copenhagen
The Social Business Club hosts open miniconferences in Copenhagen with the purpose of, among other things, providing participants with: Insight and overview of a social business-related theme; Ideas for business practices; New inspiration for working with, for example, CSR, sustainability or social entrepreneurship; The opportunity to expand one’s network with other like-minded with a different profile.
30 September-5 October 2013, Florence, Italy
European Project Planning course
The European Project Management course aims to provide participants with the skills to enable them to effectively manage a European project. This includes: Manage contractual procedures with the European Commission; Organize and plan the project work; Manage the project partnership; Monitor the project development and evaluate its outcomes; Create and deliver project reports; Manage the financial and administrative issues of the project. The course is addressed to individuals who wish to acquire the skills for successfully accessing and managing European funds in the field of education, training and culture.