World Cleanup: clean up the world in one day!

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A massive volunteer action involving more than 100 countries and 8 million volunteers to clean up garbage in 24 hours.

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World Cleanup
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A massive volunteer action involving more than 100 countries and 8 million volunteers to clean up garbage in 24 hours.

It is the largest volunteer action to clean up illegal garbage dumps. Around 8 million volunteers from more than 100 countries have joined so far World Cleanup, a series of local, regional and national cleanup events taking place this year from March to October 2013. The mission is to collect illegal garbage in 24 hours.
World Cleanup is part of the Let’s Do It! movement. Born in the Baltic Republic of Estonia in 2008, where volunteers gathered to clean their country ( in five hours 50,000 volunteers picked up 10 thousand tons of waste!), Let’s Do It! has grown into a massive civic-led movement , spreading across borders and continents, cleaning up villages, towns and entire countries. During World Clean Up 2012, which was the first edition of the event, over 100,000 tons of waste were cleaned up.
World Cleanup 2013 will be in Russia and in Hungary on the 14th of September; in France on the 15th of September and in The Netherlands on the 20th of September.
The aim of the Let’s Do It! movement is not only to clean up waste, but also to raise awareness of illegal garbage, to bring attention to consumer habits and give responsibility to people. The campaign is about people’s role in maintaining a clean environment-both in the physical and virtual world.
As a matter of fact Let’s Do It! started a virtual cleanup action in order to clear up the virtual garbage in facebook through a facebook application created especially for the movement.
“The idea of a virtual cleanup was born out of a very modern life need – to reduce the flow of uninteresting and unnecessary information on your facebook wall. It is very easy to click “Like” due to an emotional impulse, but it is time consuming and inconvenient to remove these pages and remove unwanted information later,“ said Raimo Matvere, coordinator of the Social Media team of the Let’s Do It! World Cleanup, on Let’s Do It!
Estimates say there's 100 million tons of illegal garbage lying around in the world. However, until now, in most countries, there is not a clear understanding of the extent of the problem. Therefore the Let’s Do It! movement is inviting volunteers to contribute to the World Waste Map – an easy-to-use free online tool, that can be used by anyone to map illegal garbage in the world. The application can be downloaded on iPhone and Android phones and the collected data can be used to prepare the logistics for the local cleanups.