November 2013

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A Vita Europe selection of civil society events around Europe

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A Vita Europe selection of civil society events around Europe

Listed events (for further descriptions of events and links scroll down):
5-6 November 2013, Valencia, Spain, EmTech
7- 8 November 2013, Erkner, Germany, Struggling with Innovations
9-11 November 2013, Chamonix, France, Les Rencontres du Mont Blanc
12-13 November 2013, Brussels, Belgium, The European Employment Forum
14-15 November 2013, Lodz, Poland, International Conference of Social Enterprise
14-15 November 2013, Zurich, Switzerland, TBLI Conference
14-15 November 2013, London, UK, Social frontiers: the next edge of Social Innovation Research
15-17 November 2013, Manchester, UK, Social Innovation Future Business Week-end
16 November 2013, Lisbon, Portugal, Local Pre-Events to the EU-Wide "Entrepreneurs Have Your Say" event
16-23 November 2013, Plymouth, UK, Plymouth’s Social Enterprise City Festival 2013
18-24 November 2013, Plymouth, UK, Social Enterprise: Finance and Funding
21 November 2013, London, UK, Acevo Annual Conference 2013
21-22 November 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland, World Forum on Natural Capital
26 November 2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, European Social Innovation Assembly
26 November 2013, Ghent, Belgium, diy days Ghent
26-27 November 2013, Geneva, Switzerland, EVPA Annual Conference 2013
27-29 November 2013, World Forum for Democracy 2013
27 November 2013, London, UK , Social Enterprise Awards 2013 Ceremony
27 November 2013, London, UK Festival of Fundraising Innovation
28-29 November 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland, SROI Practitioner Training
5-6 November 2013, Valencia, Spain
EmTech, organized by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Technology Review magazine, is the world’s leading emerging technologies conference. This event brings together technology gurus, scientists and young entrepreneurs who present innovative perspectives to transform society and everyday life.
EmTech España 2013 will be heldin Valencia, a city that is committed to backing innovation and providing entrepreneurial opportunities. Valencia will become the center of European entrepreneurship in the coming years by holding MIT’s emerging technologies conference.
7- 8 November 2013, Erkner (Berlin) , Germany
Struggling with Innovations
Social Innovations and Conflicts in Urban Development and Planning
Due to the change from an industrial towards a knowledge society the development of new ideas and innovation capacity became an essential societal resource and the constant invention of new products, services as well as procedures has become a necessity. Nowadays the pressure to innovate does not only exist in the technological or economic sectors. Also cities and regions are under pressure: Municipal actors are faced with challenges such as for example climate change, demographic change, global economy crisis, and social polarization and the fierce competition between cities forces them to establish unique selling points that attract investors, companies, and tourists. Against this background, cities are required to solve their problems by developing creative and innovative strategies or to reinvent themselves. In this context technological and economic innovations alone cannot provide solutions; social innovations are just as important. This conference focuses on such social innovations. Leading academics of innovation research will interdisciplinary discuss conceptual approaches to social innovation and its specificities in comparison to other innovations. Furthermore, the conference aims to shed light on the wide range of innovative actors from a variety of different social contexts. In such different constellations of actors competing ideas may emerge and conflicts may arise. Thus, a particular emphasis will be put on the role of these conflicts in social innovation processes to answer the key question, how social innovations, conflict and spatial development are interrelated.
9-11 November 2013, Chamonix, France
Les Rencontres du Mont Blanc
The 15 years allotted to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are coming to an end. These goals had been set by the United Nations to reduce both extreme poverty and the disparities between a large number of very poor people and a minority of very rich. As from now, an assessment seems necessary, as well as a redefinition of these goals, taking into account the progress made, the shortcomings identified and the emerging new challenges.
In order to best address this pivotal year of 2015, scientific work is being conducted from today on. This is why the sixth Mont-Blanc Meetings will take place from 9-11 November 2013, in Chamonix, France, and will focus on the following subject: Changing the course of globalization through social and solidarity economy : Towards post 2015 MDGs.
This broad topic shall be approached in a transversal way, in order to cover all components of a sustainable human development, a concern which is at the heart of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) enterprises
12-13 November 2013, Brussels, Belgium
The European Employment Forum
An annual networking forum for everyone involved in employment and enterprise within the EU and beyond. The international conference deals with the major social and economic issues surrounding employment and features a broad international panel of speakers presenting current thinking and policy, with the European Commission Directorate Generals well represented. In addition, the event attracts a wide range of individuals, businesses, social partners and government policy makers from across the EU and beyond.
14-15 November 2013, Lodz, Poland
International Conference of Social Enterprise
Social Support Association "Me-You-Us" (Poland) invites representatives of social enterprises, public institutions and non-governmental organizations from Europe to II International Multi-Sector Conference of Social Enterprises, devoted to social economy issues.
The main goal of the conference is to exchange and share best practices in running and supporting European social enterprises and cooperation between public sector and social enterprises.
The Conference will provide an invaluable opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience concerning management of social enterprises which operate in different business sectors. It will contribute to spreading and promoting best practices and also strengthening capabilities of social enterprises.
14-15 November 2013, Zurich, Switzerland
TBLI Conference
TBLI Conference is a unique global learning and networking event on ESG and Impact investment. Its mission is to raise awareness and provide learning opportunities for Financial Professionals and Asset Owners on the benefits and opportunities of sustainable investing, and to maximize investment flows into sustainable projects and businesses.
TBLI Conference offers best practices, facts and figures, as well as latest developments on strategies, screening, auditing, reporting, analysis, indices and research. It also serves as a high performance ESG and Impact investment switchboard where successful avant-garde investors and managers energize and update potential investors.
14-15 November 2013, London, UK
Social frontiers: the next edge of Social Innovation Research
This international conference on social innovation in the UK is hosted by Nesta in collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University and TEPSIE. The event will take place at GCU's London Campus and is supported by the Social Innovation Exchange, DESIS, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University. Social Frontiers’ aim is to build and strengthen the community of social innovation researchers, by bringing together a multiplicity of voices and perspectives on social innovation. The goals were to strengthen and extend existing networks, share learning, promote collaboration, identify gaps in knowledge and work together to build a common research agenda for the next decade.
15-17 November 2013, Manchester, UK
Social Innovation Future Business Week-end
The Social Innovation Future Business Weekend is a “hackathon” style event where technologists, social activists and mentors generate new ideas and potentially exciting new enterprises, using patented technology for social benefit. It's not just about coding internet or smart phone apps, but aiming to build new ways of doing things by applying scientific intellectual property (IP) from leading institutions including the European Space Agency and CERN to solve social issues.
Ideas to develop over the weekend could include: How to use internet connectivity to monitor the health and well-being of older people in their own homes; Technologies that could be used to provide low cost power sources for poor rural communities in developing countries; How joint ventures can provide low cost healthcare solutions in developing countries.
The event is being jointly hosted by Unlimited Potential, the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and Manchester Business School. It is being run with the support of Future Business and will form part of Greater Manchester’s involvement inGlobal Entrepreneurship Week
16 November 2013, Lisbon, Portugal
Local Pre-Events to the EU-Wide "Entrepreneurs Have Your Say" event
In the run up to Strasbourg 2014 CommonsSense, in partnership with the Commission, is running four pilot “Have Your Say!” events in four cities across the EU - Athens, Budapest, Lisbon and Vilnius. These events aim to start the discussions, gaining the opinions and ideas of the young people and the social entrepreneurs on the ground. They also aim to help support and develop the ecosystem of social enterprise in these cities. They will use participative, creative methodologies to bring people together to work on solutions to barriers to social enterprise.
16-23 November 2013, Plymouth, UK
Plymouth’s Social Enterprise City Festival 2013
As part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (18-24 November 2013), Plymouth Social Enterprise Network is organizing its annual Festival, the Social Enterprise City, between 16-23 November.
The Network aims to be a focal point for the social enterprise sector within Plymouth providing a way for social enterprises to exchange information, ideas and expertise helping to strengthen the sector, represent the interests of social enterprises and provide the opportunity for social enterprises to influence the development of their sector within Plymouth.
Now in its third year, Plymouth’s Social Enterprise City Festival brings together regional and national industry leaders, policy makers, funders and the best of Plymouth’s social enterprises.
The theme of this year’s festival is public engagement.
18-24 November 2013, Plymouth, UK
Social Enterprise: Finance and Funding
Award winning social enterprise Iridescent Ideas CIC and acclaimed crowd-funding organization Crowdfunder UK present a unique chance to find out more about how to set up and finance a social enterprise. This event is open to all. It is aimed at people thinking about setting up a social enterprise and those already running social enterprises who want to find out more about funding and finance opportunities.
21 November 2013, London, UK
Acevo Annual Conference 2013
Funding Your Future, ACEVO's Annual Conference, will focus on building for a brighter future. With income generation an increasing concern, the day will explore different ways of finding the necessary resource to fund your organization’s ambitions; from working with philanthropists to transforming your business model. We will also examine how to lead through significant change and how to work in partnership with your board through challenging times.
21-22 November 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland
World Forum on Natural Capital
The inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital will be the first major global conference on natural capital. It will build on the significant private sector interest shown at the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio in June 2012 and the many developments that have taken place since.
26 November 2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
European Social Innovation Assembly
The European Social Innovation Assembly is a forum which will bring together practitioners, investors, social business managers, leaders, students, academia, and policy makers in the social entrepreneurship, social innovation fields who are passionate about the subject. Participants will gather at the 2-day Assembly to learn from one another for a flourishing social entrepreneurship and social innovation eco-systems in Europe. The Assembly will promote collaborations and enrichment of one another's point of views. The event aims to highlight various stories of social entrepreneurship, social innovation and inspire attendees to envision their own involvement in the advancement of the field. This unconventional gathering will explore this theme through TED-style talks, topic-specific discussion panels, in-depth thought challenging workshops, and workshops provided by independent parties. This year's Assembly will center around "Fostering Social Businesses of Tomorrow".
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26 November 2013, Ghent, Belgium
diy days Ghent
diy days Ghent 2013 is a gathering for those who create and want to (co)create. At the core of this event is a fundamental question: How can creativity and digitalization reduce unemployment? Unemployment is a growing challenge: 26.338 million men and women in the EU were unemployed in February 2013. The number of persons unemployed increased by 76.000 in the EU (Source: Eurostat).
Digitalization and creativity are powerful weapons. diy days Ghent 2013 is meant to explore ways in which we can implement digitalization and creativity to decrease unemployment.
26-27 November 2013, Geneva, Switzerland
EVPA Annual Conference 2013
The 9th European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) Annual Conference will be focusing on the topic “Responsible Leadership: Inspire and Act!” The Conference will be supported by WISE - Philanthropy Advisors and Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. This year’s keynote speakers are Olivia Leland, Director of the Giving Pledge, the initiative by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett to help address society’s most pressing problems by encouraging billionaires to commit the majority of their wealth to philanthropy and Rodrigo Jordan, social entrepreneur, expert on the topic of leadership and one of Latin America’s most accomplished mountaineers. These keynotes complement the conference's regular programme of 24 breakout sessions and several plenary sessions constructed around three streams : ‘tricks of the trade’, ‘best practices’ and ‘building the sector'.
27-29 November 2013
World Forum for Democracy 2013
"Re-wiring Democracy: connecting institutions and citizens in the digital age"
The Council of Europe, with the support of the French government, the Region Alsace and the city of Strasbourg, is organizing the 2013 World Forum "Rewiring democracy – connecting institutions and citizens in the digital age", to hear organizations and experts from the world over, on the imperatives of its new democracy agenda. The Forum will provide a platform for emerging leaders and grassroots initiatives that foster participation and re-connect citizens and democratic institutions. Participants from the world of politics, academia, civil society, business, media and social networks will critically review these innovative initiatives, assess their mainstreaming potential, inject new ideas into them, and identify the most promising ones for further promotion and dissemination. Participants, as well as the "global community" (via social networks and internet voting) will select the most promising initiatives, that will receive the Council of Europe recognition for democratic innovation.
27 November 2013, London, UK
Social Enterprise Awards 2013 Ceremony
Now in their 15th year, the Awards recognize organizations for their business excellence and contribution to society, as well as the achievements of people working at the heart of the social enterprise sector.
The headline sponsor of the 2013 awards is The Independent on Sunday. All those attending the event will automatically be invited to a special media master class with the newspaper's team from 5-6pm before the ceremony begins.
27 November 2013, London, UK
Festival of Fundraising Innovation
The Festival of Fundraising Innovation will showcase some of the most innovative organizations in the sector. Participants will gain insight in to how successful charities keep their fundraising innovative and take away transferable skills and knowledge to implement in their own organization. The Festival will be opened by Simon Gillespie, CEO, British Heart Foundation and closed by worldwide pioneers in innovation, Google. There will also be the opportunity to listen, learn and interact with the sharpest minds from the UK’s leading charities and understand how they are embedding innovation into their fundraising strategy as well as their organizational culture. This event is for anyone who wants to improve their fundraising through innovation.
28-29 November 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland
SROI Practitioner Training
With the Social Value Act now law, the growing importance for tangible evidence regarding social and environmental value is now a bigger issue than ever before, not just for organizations outwardly seeking to affect change in society but for any organization or individual who wishes to be accountable for their work. The SROI Network training course has been accredited by the Institute of Leadership Management. It, like other courses that contribute to the accredited practitioner status, is delivered by accredited practitioners that are also experienced trainers. Training will be delivered by SROI Network accredited practitioners.