Sherpandipity, a new way of travelling

4 Dicembre Dic 2013 1807 04 dicembre 2013

An online platform brings visitors together with local people who help them plan their trips

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An online platform brings visitors together with local people who help them plan their trips

The name, Sherpandipity, comes from sherpa and serendipity. While in Nepal, Silvia Varela, a Spanish university student, found herself alone in Katmandu due to a small accident. There she met by chance a Nepalese guy who showed her an authentic Katmandu, completely different from the one shown by traditional guided tours.
From this serendipity the idea was born: together with Fernando Pradillo and Irene Serrano, two university mates , she set up Sherpandipity, an online platform that brings together travelers with local people who help them plan their travels .
A revolutionary way of travelling, it enables visitors to find “local friends” with the same interests and tastes and to live a unique experience which is very different from guided tours and traditional holidays. It is an experience that gives people the chance to get to know local cultures and to discover authentic places.
There are sherpas who offer different travel experiences : for families, for singles, for seniors …There are also sherpas with reduced mobility, people who, better than others, can give suggestions to travelers with disabilities and make them enjoy the city in a personalized and unforgettable way.
Born in Madrid last March, the project has spread to many Spanish cities and plans to develop worldwide, in order to become a global tourism project.
How does it work in practice? Sherpas create their profile on the web, explaining what they offer and how much their services cost. Travelers can contact them on Sherpandipity and the platform charges a 15% commission.
Besides offering a new model in the tourism sector, namely the sharing economy model, the platform is a way to create self-employment for people who want to share experiences with travelers from all over the world. In Sherpandipity it is possible to meet both individuals and professionals with an offer that varies from visits to museums with art experts to bike rides to food and wine experiences in venues that would be otherwise impossible to find.