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Zimbabwean historian dies

6 Gennaio Gen 2015 1150 06 gennaio 2015
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Terry Ranger passed away in his sleep two days ago in his home at Oxford (Uk). He was, indeed, a great man and I’m proud of what he did for promoting the African culture, especially from a historical perspective. Deported from Rhodesia in 1963, he held Chairs at the Universities of Dar es Salaam, Ucla, Manchester and Oxford. Ranger was an open minded scholar. On retiring from Oxford where he held the Rhodes Chair of Race Relations until 1997, he went to the University of Zimbabwe as Visiting Professor and taught there for four academic years. Ranger has published and edited dozens of books, and published some 150 articles and book chapters. In his work, Ranger contributed substantially to the historiography of East Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular. May his soul rest in peace!