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My letter to Santa Claus - I wanna be Alan Gross and gain $100 per hour jailed!

24 Dicembre Dic 2014 1320 24 dicembre 2014
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Alan Gross was a contractor. He worked for a Maryland based company called DAI (COME ON in Italian). He was part of a USAID project in Cuba. The aim of the project? To provide satellite Internet equipment to Jewish Cubans under a US program.

Cuban police arrested Alan on Dec 2009 and sentenced him to 15 years.

He was released last week after the United States and Cuba announced the appeasement and swapped prisoners.

In days he will receive $3.2m from the US government as part of a settlement with his employer, USAID announced yesterday. That means €1,500 per day he passed in the Cuban prison, almost 100 bucks per hour!

A great reward, almost a top soccer player fee, more than half million of euros per year. And no extra expenses too.

With the crisis in Europe a lot of people will do the same Alan did. They will all apply to USAID projects. I will too. They wanna go to Cuba. Me too! And we all will plea the Cuban government to arrest us asap.

I don't know the others but 6 months will be enough for me. i.e. € 270,000. Good deal.

Marry Christmas and happy new year to everyone!

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