Brussels, mon amour

di Filippo Addarii

I was in Brussels yesterday, where I go at least once a month. Have you ever been to Brussels? You should as it’s a unique experience and requires a specific type of networking.

The Brussels-based community is unique. 15,000 European bureaucrats and twice as many lobbyists. If you are a networker you must know all of them and what they think of each other.

How is it possible? It’s simple: parties! Brussels requires an intensive social life from the beginning to the end of the day. Not too much office work.

So, get an invitation to the next conference. Buy a new Armani suit and refresh your language skills. Brilliant conversation and charm. No details please as you might end up with grant from the Commission.

Key words in every discussion: I’m from civil society, blame selfish governments and believe in Europe. No more details.

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