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Naples the centre of youth entrepreneurship

On the 29th of October AIESEC Italy organizes the Naples Youth to Business Forum, with the aim of encouraging social change through direct confrontation and exchange of ideas.

di Cristina Barbetta

The Youth to Business Forum is an event organized by AIESEC in all 124 countries where AIESEC is present with the aim of making youth, enterprises, nonprofit organizations and experts meet in order  to encourage dialogue,  sharing of experiences and ideas and inspire to action in order to bring positive change.
AIESEC Italia organizes the Italy Youth to Business Forum to make Italian talent emerge and give youth the opportunity to enhance their successful entrepreneurial ideas. 
The Forum, this year in its fifth edition, will take place at the University of Naples “Parthenope” on the 29th of October.  Naples Youth to Business Forum will be a unique event, that will put into contact 200 youth coming from the most important European universities, 100 students from Naples, institutions, experts, enterprises and nongovernmental organizations, with the aim of encouraging  social change through direct confrontation and exchange of ideas.  
«The Forum is an important opportunity for AIESEC to show international students both the city of Naples and Italian talent and also to bring youth from Naples a different perspective », says Gaia Alaimo, Vice President Public Relations AIESEC Italia. 
«The subtitle of the event is: “Youth entrepreneurship for change” because we believe that in the European context where youth unemployment is a serious problem being young with an entrepreneurial attitude means managing to see beyond, to see possibilities even when they are not so clear», adds Gaia Alaimo.  
The main theme of the event will be entrepreneurship, and especially  youth entrepreneurship.  Despite youth being the most affected by the crisis, the new generation shows  a strong desire for self-fulfillment  and will  to make it. They are also re-discovering the value and social dimension of work. 
The event will also deal with themes such as: social enterprise, sharing economy and co-working, in order to expose these themes to university students in Naples. 
Naples Youth to Business Forum  will be hosted in the framework of the 2014 edition of “WeGrow”, AIESEC international conference involving the young members of the board of directors of AIESEC headquarters of the European and North-American area.  Naples Youth to Business Forum will take place before the beginning of “WeGrow”. It will be the opening event of the conference and  will be participated both by international and national AIESEC members, as well as local university students.  

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