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Spain: Promoting the access to employment of people with disabilities

Fundación Universia has launched an online advisory project for differently abled entrepreneurs

di Staff

Fundación Universia (Universia Foundation), together with the Asociación Española de Emprendedores con Discapacidad – Sí Podemos (Spanish Assocation of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities) has launched  an online advisory project  to accompany entrepreneurs with disabilities in launching their entrepreneurial project. 
This service will support participants in carrying out the analysis of their business idea,  the feasibility study, the administrative procedure and the type of company to set up, the application of the single payment of unemployment benefits, grant application and the analysis of alternatives of funding, among other issues that may arise.
Fundación Universia and the Asociación Española de Emprendedores con Discapacidad have been cooperating since 2012 to foster the entrepreneurial nature of people with disabilities to get them into work  and professional development. 
With this initiative the two organizations aim at contributing  to overcoming  difficulties that entrepreneurs face during the planning phase  and promoting  the access to employment of people with disabilities with equal opportunities, being able to manage their ideas by themselves.
 Also, in this line of work, Universia Foundation has received the certification  of “Entity adhering to the  Strategy 2013-2016 Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship " awarded by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security , with the aim of facilitating the integration of youth through self-employment and entrepreneurship.

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