Talking social enterprise

Le Comptoir de l’Innovation organizes a series of workshops, co-funded by the European Union, revolving around entrepreneurship. Next dates: 23 and 29 April, Bobigny, Paris.

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Organized by Le Comptoir de l’Innovation on the  23rd and 29th of April in Bobigny, Paris, and co-funded  by the European Union, the Ateliers Dialogue (Dialogue Workshops) propose both young people  interested in social entrepreneurship and those who have an enterprising idea or project  to discuss about entrepreneurship and to share their ideas or projects. 
Le Comptoir de l’Innovation finances, supports and promotes the development of social enterprise in France and in the world. It is part of the Groupe SOS, that has been fighting for more than 30 years against social exclusion. 
During the day, participants will discover and enhance their entrepreneurship knowledge  through listening to the advice of well-established entrepreneurs. Attendees  will also have the opportunity to discuss in teams their views on enterprise and to present them to the other participants. The most promising projects will get a 6 to 8 month support carried out by the Comptoir de l’Innovation and its partners. 
The Dialogue Workshops are free and open to young people  from 18 to 25 residing in Paris, in the French departments of  Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne or Hauts-de-Seine.
Supported by the European Fund for the Integration of third country-nationals, the European project DIALOGUE gathers 6 actors across 5 European countries (Italy, Romania, Sweden, Spain and France) in order to make diversity a driving force for social innovation and business creation. The EIF  is in charge of funding actions aimed at promoting the integration of third country nationals  into Member States’ host countries. 

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